The foundation Den Andra Sidan is a non profit foundation based in Malmö and Båstad. It was founded by Amanda Romare and Pernilla Romare in 2014, with the purpose to develop and run digital platforms to prevent mental unwellness amongst young people.
The goals of the foundation is to use communication and fiction to decrease fear of death, fight alienation, and to prevent suicide and mental unwellness. The methods to do it are developed in close interaction with our youth group.
As the topics are emotionally charged, we’ve also chosen to form a council group of professionals to support us in sensitive dilemmas that can appear. Read more under the tab PARTNERS.

The board consists of six persons, ceo Pernilla Romare, Amanda Romare, Adina Romare, Titti Sjöberg, Sabina Karlsson and Lotta Björck.

ª) Originally the foundation Den Andra Sidan was called Gabriel Klints insamlingsstiftelse, but when the projects grew bigger and more than the original tv series Gabriel Klint, the board took the decision in March 2019 to change it’s name to Stiftelsen Den Andra Sidan.

Below you'll find info about us working at Den Andra Sidan:

Amanda Romare

Amanda Romare created the story about Gabriel Klint as a 19 year old and three years later founded the project Den Andra Sidan.
It all sprung from a mix of love for fiction and culture, curiosity in the possibilities of new platforms, and a great frustration of the stigma nailed to heavy emotions and the loneliness it creates.
Today the project has developed from a novel to one of Sweden’s largest transmedia projects tackling fiction and mental health. Exciting times are ahead as the project is going to launch fall 2020. Amanda’s goal, however, remains the same - no one should feel alone because they are dealing with angst, depression, suicidal thoughts, existential questions or spiritual experiences. Either we're all freaks or no one is.

TV Shows say more than a thousand words: The Handmaid’s Tale, Sense8, Kidding, Fringe, and Avatar - the last air bender.

Contact: amanda (@)

Pernilla Romare founded the project together with Amanda in 2011. She is the writer and director of the web TV series, the mastermind behind the meditation app Leeway, and the handiest part of the group who renovates the office and builds props. One of the most important parts of the projects is our youth group which Pernilla is also responsible for. She manages the meet ups with them about the project, which are all held in the spirit of openness, honesty, acceptance, and community.
‘The pressure on young people is high today and it’s easy to make the pressure harder if the focus is on that they should change about themselves. No, instead go into the cave with them and sit there together. Grill some halloumi, and wait for better days.’

Silicon Valley, Happy Valley, Bonusfamiljen, Charmed, Six Feet Under

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Pernilla Romare
Adina Romare

Adina Romare
started working with the project as soon as she graduated high school and has after that overseen all the technical project management from the development of the apps to The Other Side website. She is a creative rock and is responsible for a lot of the layout and design of the different parts, such all the design elements of I’m Lying Here. She is also an actress and plays the part of devastated but strong Abby in the TV show.

Game of Thrones, GIRLS, The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, and Atlanta.

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Hillevi Gustafson
has during the past year written and directed the audio dramas, Valgrind and The London Necropolis Railway. She goes way back with the project as she was, among other things, location manager and project manager for the Gabriel Klint TV series and has help develop the marketing strategies for the various parts. She is the only part of the team not related by blood, which the group dynamic is grateful for . As a Swedish-American she gives the gang gravity, stability, and some well-needed optimism.

Buffy and the vampire slayer, Firefly, Parks and Recreations, Supernatural, The Magicians.

Hillevi Gustafson