Our sponsors and partners

Other collaborations

The Foundation, and the project, has since the start collaborated with several organisations which has helped us in different ways with the ethical aspects of the project, such as Föreningen MIND, SPES, Tjejzonen, Suicide Zero, Fryshuset, Randiga Huset, Film i Skåne, PEAB, Trivas, Säg det sen gör det, and Fanzingo. We are also in contact with researchers from Universitys in Umeå and Stockholm, and others such as ex arch bishop KG Hammar and representatives from national health care.
Many of them are part of our reference group:

Ludmilla Rosengren, doctor and founder of the organisation Suicide Zero.
Monica Nanni, runs the organisationen Randiga Huset which is a grief center for youths who have lost a relative.
Maria Hernroth, head of Supply Chain Management at Peab och CEO for Peab in school.
Michael Westerlund, researcher at  Stockholms Universitet, focusing on internet and  suicide/ suicide prevention.
KG Hammar, former arch bishop.
Pirjo Stråte, Vice Chairman in the organisation SPES (Suicid Prevention and Relative Support).
Sara Natt och Dag, author and counsellor at the Karolinska Institute.
Selene Cortes, strategic business development at MIND.
Annette Brejner, creative director at Financing Forum for Kids Content.

The foundation also have a youth group made up of young people from around Sweden, about 30 people, who help us come up with and develop the ideas in the project. They guide us with their expertise and ensure that the project is based on what teenagers want and not what we think they need.

Apart from the group of youths we have involved, we also collaborate with several different youth organisations, such as Hörnefors ungdomshus in Umeå, Linköpings universitet, Östersunds ungdomsgårdar, Romska ungdomsföreningen, Campus Helsingborg, Lunds Universitet, Fryshuset, Stockholms Universitet, Umeå Universitet, Högskolan Kristianstad, Högskolan i Dalarna, Uppsala Universitet, CSV Sverige and more.

Nordic collaborations

The project is based in Sweden but has strong ties to and cooperations with other nordic organisations, both on the social aspects and the film side. Some of them are:

Klippfisk – Film organisation on the Faroe Islands.
Sinnisbati – Charity organisation with focus on young people on the Faroe Islands.
HelsingforsMission – Charity organisation with focus on young people in Finland.

We have also been in contact with and had study trips at Headspace in Denmark, UngHjelp in Norway, UngArena in Norway, UngInfo in Norway, Ung Acceptans i Finland and Asemanlapset in Finland.

We have a nordic youth group that helps us develop the project. We have among other things brought them together with our Swedish youth group which has led to many meaningful meetings and exchanges. The other nordic countries have similar issues when it comes to young people and mental health and that is why we place a lot of value in cooperation and bringing people together to expand their knowledge and increase the coordination around preventative work.
When it comes to the web TV series it was recorded in Sweden and on the Faroe Islands which is also really fun from a nordic point of view.