Newspaper article
Newspaper article

Den Andra Sidan is an initiative for teenagers and young adults with the purpose to create digital platforms and content to prevent mental health issues.

Den Andra Sidan works on a digital arena and uses fiction and interaction to lift taboos around death, anxiety, existential questions, and suicide. Our aim is to encourage young people to dare to share their thoughts and emotions on these subjects, and to show them they are not alone in having them.

During the last six years the foundation, together with a group of youths and a reference group of professionals, have been exploring methods to find a safe and sustainable way to decrease the growing number of mental health issues amongst young people in Sweden, and also how to reach persons who normally doesn’t seek help. This resulted in the project Den Andra Sidan.

Den Andra Sidan – Fiction
Fiction is an undemanding way of getting new impulses. As many of our targetgroup already experience a great pressure in their daily lives, we believe fiction is a good way of reaching them.
The fictionpart consists of a webbtv series and two drama pods. The webbtv series Gabriel Klint is a story about the young angel Gabriel Klint who lives in Sweden and saves people who are about to commit suicide. It’s a love story as well as a fantasy story, and it addresses the topics in a downplayed way. With the series we hope to normalize the emotions that arises when you have anxiety, get thoughts about death, suicide or existential questions. We hope to inspire young people to open up, to show them they are not alone and on that ground build a community.

Find more info under the tab Gabriel Klint or read more about our two audio dramas Valgrind and London Necropolis Railway, that also deals with death and difficult thoughts in an easy way.

Den Andra Sidan – Interaction
For those wanting to be more active there is a need for other platforms. Places where you can communicate how you feel and share your experiences. We’ve developed The app I’m lying here… and the instagram documentary series Mortals, two parts of the project addressing that. Lifting young peoples voices, giving inspiration to those in need of courage to open up.
Mortals, I’m lying here… and also the meditation app Leeway are the core of Den Andra Sidan.

Find more info about the different parts under the tabs, and about the Foundation Den Andra Sidan here.