Gabriel Klint

A new urban fantasy


Gabriel Klint på IMDb

Actors: Charlie Gustafsson, Madeleine Martin,
Mohamed Said, 
Adina Romare, Ousman Holmén,
Johannes Brost, Durita Dahl, Regina Lund, Happy Jankell and 
Karin Bertling with others.
Gabriel Klint is a series about angels, humans, love, friendship, life and death. The series consists of 10 episodes x 12 min, and was shot during seven weeks in Sweden and on Faroe Islands. The targetgroup is teenagers.

The story, created by Amanda Romare and directed by Pernilla Romare, is about the young angel Gabriel Klint who lives in Sweden and saves people who want to commit suicide. Gabriel loves his job as healer but when he meets Abby on one of his missions his world turns upside down. The human Abby turns out to be his soulmate a fact that has dramatic consequences and eventually forces him to make the impossible choice – stay an angel or her?

Gabriel Klint will be released during 2020! Starting in Finland, premiere 1/4 on YLE Areena.
Dates for the other Nordic countries will come soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at our actors, behind the scenes and footage from the shooting.

Gabriel Klint på IMDb